Thursday, April 23, 2009

My work..My master piece..My creation..My PASSION!!

here is my stage for the fashion show in sungai wang KL!i do want to thank everyone who came for my fashion show yesterday evening!u guys really made my day,hope u guys enjoyed the show...
Thank You once agian!!


Me,Alvina,Jihan my Diva




Let the Show Begin!!

My creation!!


The Grand FINALE.

i was suprised that my models are wearing my designs for the Grand Finale,i didnt even know till the last min.....i'm speechless...

Group PIC!

Mrs.Annie Wong,my principal.

Feliz,Bugs, me


Viv,me,Leeza-i'm so Happy tht u guys came,although u guys came late for the show' -_-"

was crazy hungry,didnt had dinner be4 the time...was nervous then!

THK you to my Aunt and cousin,JENN!and my FAMILY TOO!!lov u guys to bits,THK you for making my dreams come TRUE!!!!XOXO

IFTC-Internasional Fashion Training Centre Fashion Show '09!
well,we've waited months for this fashion show to arrive...and finally it did,all our hard work didnt go to waste!
day started out fine,the nite before fashion show was so busy doing the finishing touches on my dresses till 4.30am(life as a designer)
got my hair done at SNIPS,then off to stage at 6.30pm..
learn our walks and the show begins...hearts were pumping faster n faster.....backstage was busy...everyone was shouting and yelling to get things ready asap(fashion show backstage on TV/Movies)
i was the 3rd from the last to parade my gowns....
everyone was so excited.....i was JUMPING for JOY wen it was my turn,so walk on stage,i was suprised to such a good crowd response..they were cheering for me,hearing my name being feeling are all MIXED up,HAPPY-JOYFUL-EXCITED-BLUR-NERVOUS...haha..
then my cousin came to pass me the flowers that she brought,TQTQTQ
and even my little sis came after tht....haha....*i felt on top of the world at that moment*
i requested for Mariah Carey-Touch My Body,and the DJ have it...i was tht wen i'm on stage and he did!!so to say everything wen on well....LOVE IT LOVE IT.....
the best thing is seeing my parents there to support me and how proud they are while i was on stage!! Never enough THK you mom and dad for making my dreams come true....and to my sister's too....TQ!!lov u guys always...
last but not list,THK you to the lord almighty above,JESUS Christ,for making everything came true.....!!

thk you guys once agian for coming!!really really THK you all......
love ya...

Monday, April 13, 2009


hey guys....been slacking on my blog updates agian....oh well....soriee....

been really bz this few weeks

been attending a few fashion shows.....
done 1 fashion show of a friend of was awesome!pics are in my FB

and mine is coming up next week....!!nest week can u guys believe it....i still havnt really finish up the 2dresses that i made....

so here i invit u....yes YOU!!reading this fabulous blog of mine Julian Jansen Goh
to his first ever fashion show by his college IFTC on the 22nd April 2009,its a wednesday!
time is 7p.m.
venue-Sungai Wang KL main concourse
its open to the public for everyone to see.....
do come and support me!!suprise me........
will be bz during fashion if u call me and i didnt pick up.....*faham faham la*
ANY1 is do come!!
hope to c u guys there.......

gtg now......its late.....
godbless xoxo