Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a Day!

my chub sis and mum

the lion dance@1U

Deco @1U

The one and only J



Start my day with nasi lemak that my sis bought for breakfast!then off to church for the second servise@11am!

went to 1U for shopping after that.....dem alot of ppl,crowded many hot ppl too,saw some that i'm interested,haha...u know wht i mean guys!(shh..)

bought only like 2 greeting cards for my sis...

worse of all that i had my sinus(flu) today,the really really bad 1 where u keep on sneezing n dropping water for nose!make me so tired after all that shopping.........iesh......

there were lion dance @1U today,not bad.....the lion was jumping fro poles to poles!i mean every CNY season i'll just enjoy seeing those lion dance perform,it brings out the small kid in me!haha......

anyway...still havin sinus while i'm writing this down...

saddening is that my sis will be taking the notebook back with her to college this wkend....iesh,y she hav to do this to me,heartbreaking......crack crack.........!!

anyway,will b posting my next blog wen she is back with it!see ya n all the best guys......

chein yee,jamie,if ur reading this,we hav to go shopping!!rmb......haha

Saturday, January 26, 2008


pasta with chicken cheese,shared with Grace

Dot(the cam hor queen),Sandra(funny girl),Jo(BimBoness)

Rita was enjoying her food,Jason was looking blur...thts wht make the pic blur too,my sis Jolynn donno wht the hell is she doing!

My drink finally arrived ard like 15mins after the waiter took our order,not bad,its called "Plum with Lemon"those 2plum inside looks like testical that had been dried up(just realise after i uploaded the pics) taste good anyway.. :P

thats Dot n Grace drinks,Jasmine tea & Apple!the apple looks very green,so colouring...

haha.......just for the moment,cam hor nin..

Jo just wanna be the most bimboness she could with the fan.......Grace acting all cheeky n stuff,me oh well.....just me,the famous the great the fabulousity J!haha..

i can proof it to u guys tht Dot is the cam hor queen,u can just see with this pic after taken my hp fro me,she start posing for it....iesh iesh iesh...worse then me!haha.....still learing mother....

oh well,went for saturday church....that same old special speaker agian,came all the way fro India,but to my suprise his sermon today was interesting and funny.....THK god for that,keep me awake and not blabing around with ppl beside started to rain outside went i was in church....

at first we wanted to eat @ murnis but it was rainning like i said earlier,so we decide to go Island rest instead,the food looks good on the manu but wen it came to our table looks totally small portion.....ah ya....where nowdays can get good n cheap food!!

with cell ppl our nature is to cam hor cukup is the leader...yeh...thts how i got my cam hor ness...haha,its been very funny n happy to just laugh @ really simple jokes with those ppl......had a really awesome time together with them.....!

piss out........JJG

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mariah New Album

It's Mariah new album(That Chick) cover(i'm not sure)
Mariah looking hot here,on vacation somewhere in the tropical island,dem.....she is topless.....shake shake shake it!!
she just awesome,one and only MIMI!!

i was suprise to find out that my miss darling MC here gonna name her new album "That Chick" that planned will be out on April Fools day(wht a day to release ur album girl,pls as a big fan here change ur freaking name n date release album,cross fingers)

MC did mention that the new album is much more her now since she had more freedom to write and do most of the thing she wanted on her new album!oh well,as a big fan here wish for her the best and will stand beside her no matter wht,if its April Fools day release i'll go n get it on that day too no matter wht!GO MIMI....

Last year got her DVD "THE ADVENTURES OF MIMI"
lovin her concert.....with her vocals she hav.....totally can bring the hse down...i was dancing n shaking it off to every song that she sing!U rock girl.....

anyway......thats MIMI of the day,Buh-bye.......

Weekend is here..

well just to start off today is weekend is here,that remind me,i didnt really done anything for the whole week beside slp n eat n fetch my mom off n back fro work.
went to church last night,sermon was bored,the pastor was from india and he was speaking his very indian slang that i totally dont understand at all,as a normal human being,i being to feel very tired n slppy n hungry......but i manage to drag myself tru the sermon,thk god to vivi beside me(lov ya)we did chat alittle,ohh.........k i confess,i was mostly not paying attention to wht the pastor was saying n mostly talking to vivi....haha,(pls forgive me lord)

after church,it was normal rutine for us to go mamak,food...........yummy!vivi n i shared mostly everything.....maggie mee goreng-roti tissue-special tosie-2teh "O" ais limou(i always order my way where i called satu "teh "O" limou ais" and the mamak guy who is taking our order will look@me in a way n correct me(red face)!now i learn my lesson....haha

oh well,wen breakfast with family today morning,had mamak agian,iesh.....suddenly i'm bored with mamak,cant we go kopitiam or something!half way tru eating i had tummy pain,must be the teh ais i drink be4 food!feeling better now after i got home...

First Ever

Welcome Welcome to my first ever blog,

I may be blur about this in the first place but i'll catch up learning how to blog like a pro in the coming future!!anyway.....its been always on my mind to create my own blog and just feel how it feels to blog,at last its been born....muahaha! make it short and simple,Enjoy my coming blogs in the future........see ya guys..

piss out JJ