Saturday, January 26, 2008


pasta with chicken cheese,shared with Grace

Dot(the cam hor queen),Sandra(funny girl),Jo(BimBoness)

Rita was enjoying her food,Jason was looking blur...thts wht make the pic blur too,my sis Jolynn donno wht the hell is she doing!

My drink finally arrived ard like 15mins after the waiter took our order,not bad,its called "Plum with Lemon"those 2plum inside looks like testical that had been dried up(just realise after i uploaded the pics) taste good anyway.. :P

thats Dot n Grace drinks,Jasmine tea & Apple!the apple looks very green,so colouring...

haha.......just for the moment,cam hor nin..

Jo just wanna be the most bimboness she could with the fan.......Grace acting all cheeky n stuff,me oh well.....just me,the famous the great the fabulousity J!haha..

i can proof it to u guys tht Dot is the cam hor queen,u can just see with this pic after taken my hp fro me,she start posing for it....iesh iesh iesh...worse then me!haha.....still learing mother....

oh well,went for saturday church....that same old special speaker agian,came all the way fro India,but to my suprise his sermon today was interesting and funny.....THK god for that,keep me awake and not blabing around with ppl beside started to rain outside went i was in church....

at first we wanted to eat @ murnis but it was rainning like i said earlier,so we decide to go Island rest instead,the food looks good on the manu but wen it came to our table looks totally small portion.....ah ya....where nowdays can get good n cheap food!!

with cell ppl our nature is to cam hor cukup is the leader...yeh...thts how i got my cam hor ness...haha,its been very funny n happy to just laugh @ really simple jokes with those ppl......had a really awesome time together with them.....!

piss out........JJG

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