Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Wishes for the Season!

"Merry Christmas"
"Happy New Year"
*may the coming year brings more blessings to each one of us*

i'm off to Hong Kong on boxing day...c ya guys!muaks...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


dont make me do this!

even worse once u push me to my limits!
thts the only way i'm going then!

i'm totally down for this festive season...there is nothing seems to be right ever in my father eyes that i do!
i know i'm abit soft and all....who fucking cares!!thats who i am,


my father is soo stubborn that everything he says is right wen its totally clear doesnt make any sense or its wrong..there is nothing to be said once he had made decision..
he dont even talk things out...wht to his reason he wans my computer out from my room..
he dont even tell me properly...explain why and talks things out whether just wanna HIT me!do u think that way of HITTING me will help! makes things worst...i hate you even more!
and his tone while he talks to totally not the normal tone wen u talk to some1,its like he is scolding you in a very angry way!

since donno wen my father been hitting me with all sorts or form...
there is the worst where he even took his belt give a full hard swing towards hurts like shit!!
there is so many incident where he hit me i still can rmb so clearly in my mind...i will never forget!!its like hidden scars that only me myself carry each day inside of me!

my father dont care how i feel...he dont even know wht is my needs!
he is too bz out there working donno wht and comes back do u think my dad know who i am when he dont even spent quality time with his own family!!
even on wkends he is bz working or out with his frens...that wht i was told by my mom..
all the excuses.....even wen he had done the BIG wrong and hurting my mom feelings!
and i heard its not even the first time,second time!
so pls....dont take the excuses that your my father means i hav to listen to every word you say!!look at yourself in the mirrow......GET YOURSELF RIGHT FIRST!

i know every1 is not perfect.....
but i hav had it....ENOUGH of this!
your driving me NUTS...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Stupid "Crisp-N-Clean" dry cleaning shop in Taipan!
it has ruin my Long trench coat that I made for myself!err....i'm so ANGRY @ them!

ok this how the story goes..

i've send in my coat on friday 12/8/08
then i reminded the girl there to iron and wash all those stains out from my coat,she happily said she will write that down and tell her stuff...
oh well....then i left thinking my coat is in good hands..

so on the tuesday 16/8/08,the day i'am supposed to pick it up!
so happily thinking that my coat is already dry clean n looks freshly iron....mana tahu/didnt know that it turn out horrible,ALL-i tell u-A.L.L. my button's are gone-GONE!!
i was freaking MAD and PISSED!!gosh...all my hard work and the button's ALL gone!!
i speak to the manager on the phone cos looking at the stuff with their "blur out face",they seems to dont know wht is happening either....
the manager seems to be very calm where i on the other line raising my voise demanding for an explanation...but the manager seems to hav no clue either wht had happened...eish.....
i didnt take my coat....i said "I WILL NOT BLOODY HELL PAY FOR THE DRY CLEANING!!"
the manager said he will drop by and look @my coat on wht had actually gone wrong with it...and call me to settle this out....but untill now there is no reply!
i'm giving him untill tmr evening....if he still havnt call me....his ARSS* will be on fire!!
and i bought those button's like crazy expensive....
anyway....i hope "Crisp-N-Clean" will pay for the damage that they have cost upon my coat!!
freaking MAD!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pictures Only!

mariah at Grammy concert!

Christmas tree is up!

sneak peek into my fashion show dress!!
*fashion show is postphoned till futher notice*

Jihan-My dearest awesome'most DIVA!

Bugs-Stars,cool girl

Anis-chill relax
*was having lunch in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng-Pavilion*

Piramid Christmas Deco!

Jenn prom nite,she's wearing my design...made for the nite!she looks soo pretty..u go girl!glad u enjoy ur nite..

J.Co donuts in Piramid..tea break!

another Piramid deco!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Truth is...

people people,
how i wish i was the winner!
guess what...i "CON" u guys!
the "real" JULIAN(the real winner)kinda complained/commented on my blog!
I'm SORRY...just in the moment of like u know....the crazy over mariah fan thing!haha..
but anyway...i'm glad u won...its a nice design...simple and nice!CONGRATS JULIAN!!
i'm on the other hand laughing away till i drop tht i've CON"


1.JIHAN(so sorry girl,was putting in the fun for christmas)
2.Bugs(its funny)
3.My little sis,Jody then my elder sis Jolynn! bloggers buddies! guess the soso ppl....

oh was nice mariah mention to all other Julian fan of mariah out there!!
hope to meet u JULIAN(the winner of luscious pink)
tk cr.....
godbless......*still laughing@the ppl i "CON"!*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm the WINNER!!

can u guys believe it..!
I'm the WINNER for MARIAH Luscious Pink Contest!!(haha..)
I'm speechless.....
if u guys dont believe me go watch this video!!gogogogo...!!!!

Luscious Pink Contest Winner,Mariah announces me!!!!she says my NAME at last!!yeh..

then her new song.."Right To Dream"!!its her latest movie she acted in...
nice song..

"Right To Dream"

I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!hehehee....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Expecting 2!!

thats Zhareen and Bugz,after lunch in Sg.Wang!

lets just say my previous entry title have cause a stir for some people out there!
thinking that "I EXPECTING" wonder how that will ever happened!?!

EXPECTING could mean i expect my friends to be this person,but the more i get to know about that human being,it totally changes the view that i once look at him/her!this is to say...i'm not trying to judge that person in a way...myb we just dont go along together even as friends(HS-i'm not talking about u,its about frens that i hav in college)

anyway anyhow..
it's the last month of the year 2008,closing it with a list of what had happened that is coming up pretty soon...(need time to think and write down..)
take care guys..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time to Be Jolly!

mariah@the Grammy concert!
she looks pretty as always!

enjoy...its time to be jolly n give FREE hugs ppl!!

mariah carey-baby please come back

god bless..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Expecting!!

Sat nite partying with frens in Oblique!

ppl this days just can make me boil over the top!i can explode anytime!

i'm expecting alot from myself and from the ppl i care and my close frens to be and do!
but everythings seems to be just on the edge..means its either last min or didnt happened at all!

i cant seem to save my pocket money,every end of the week,my money is all gone,plus on that i need to save badly cos my acct is totally empty!how to buy present and go clubbing...
*in the need of $*

and i've been BZ to the max with everything..from house chores to college fashion show dress to even on9in checking and updating my stuff!i need a break...i'm glad its dec and the season to be JOLLY!plus on that i'm going somewhere for the holidays after christmas with family...thats a break for me...gosh..i need it BADLY!
i just wanna rest and enjoy the moment...
my life been like a joy ride..
and its coming to the end of year 2008!wht a blast..
THK the LORD for such a blessed year...

thats for now...part2 coming..
god bless....