Sunday, April 27, 2008


Glits and Glam..
it was a big nite for me and my first to be invited to a fashion show in Hartamas Shopping Centre on friday nite the 25th April 2008!
Lucky for my friends that i brought along,guess they enjoyed and i guess some was their first time too...!?!
Kalson & I(some1 special that i've found)
Stylish Me,fabulous Endrick that i love always,&dearest Jamie!we just enter into the area where only invited guest are allowed!feeling so glamorous@tht time...cheh..
Time to start the show......."start the music DJ"!
They had finger food....and it was GOOD!!we keep on eating nonstop!they served us all kinds of finger food,crakers with egg/shrimp/tuna....,cakes,small fried popiah,french bread with all kinds of topping......btw,we havnt had our dinner yet,so guess tht was our dinner!haha.....
The deco was not bad...
Here comes the model.....only posted up a few nice dresses....the others are so so only...
this red is the design,the flow'wieness of the my type!i'm so gonna design more of this kind of dresses!lov it...
Now is the guys turn to run the runway....not bad!one of the model is from my college "TAR",thts wht i heard from Jamie!let me find out once i enter college...hehe.....
William Liew,not bad his his gowns...!
entrance to the area deco....nice rite!
the designer's and sponsers!

and it was time to PARTY after the fashion show!hanging out with jamie and friends never been happier my whole life!
I had the time of my life....guess being in this fashion business is my thing!so gonna invit u guys agian to my future functions!hehe....

back to MC=*latest news on my diva*

her latest album E=MC2 is #1 on the billboard album chart.....sold more then 463,000 in the U.S. in the first week! girl is rocking the hse agian with her new album!told u guys tht she'll do it......i love it from the day 1 the first heard the single TMB!!

the second single from the album is "Bye Bye",a very touching and sad song tht some1 had passed away/loose some1!!bet it will MARIAH number 19th #1 hit.....cross our fingers guy!

love her so much!!MC forever #1

godbless guys....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guys just wanna hav FUN!


the nite be4 sunday,wen to LQ agian with Jamie and friends!songs are just ok,better then last week,but still not that good wen compared to the last time we wen!oh ya n thts Alvin...

Pavilian on sunday agian,(guess i was there on friday!?!)haha....this time with the gang....funny guys.......can laugh n laugh nonstop....all the craps the joke ard is totally hilarious!

just messing ard with my phone camera while waiting for the other half of the group from washroom!

dem poser wei.........anyway,i like it!!haha.......MNTM

guess getting off early i did make used of it,after Endrick suddenly called me out to Pavilian with the gang!
i did laugh my ass off with the jokes they told us....dem funny......we laugh so loud that other ppl ard us started to look@us wondering wht we're crazying about!haha.......

i did get to released my tension and pressured that i hav from home,glad i did!!how tired i was and after LQ,only getting 4hrs of slp tht nite and in the morning i hav to drag my tired and restless body to work(i hav to open shop cos my lz/nice/vegeterian....superviser stays in Wangsa Maju and to travel to piramid from her place needs her to wake up very early and catch the bus,so feel pity for her i agreed to open the shop)i was supposed to off@6pm,but due to the sinus that i had early in the morning making me even more restless....i told her(my superviser) i wan to leave work 1pm,she approved.....yeh......cos the shop had more worker for the day,normally its 3/per day,but on that day has4(ez math guys,do it yourself,no need more explaination)!
wen home planned to on9 & update my stuff and take a afternoon nap,so endrick came and..*back to the top,i explained alry,"sunday Pavilian"*

MC=loving her album to bits...........guys if u still havn't get your original copy of her album ur missing a whole lot of MC soon to be #1 hits........i'm "loving it long time"......haha!get it while its on offer,only RM37.90 for the normal copy,for the limited edition that i bought is RM49.90!lets make MC top of every charts!!go guys....!!

lov ya every1......godbless.....

Friday, April 18, 2008


It's my second time to PAVILIAN agian on friday!i agree i'm obsessed with that place!
was a suprised agian that Jamie wanted to join our trip,it was supposed to be only Tien Ho and I but after not knowing that Tien Ho is bringing Andrew,i was glad Jamie came along!!
first I have to drop by Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC)*soon to join*to just send in some forms and ask about on wht should I bring and stuff!it was a HOT sunny day,but the weather change after we went for lunch nearby college!
the chicken rice only cost us RM3,it was not bad,but the only worst thing is the man who is dealing with chopping the chicken is also dealing with the cash!wen he gave me back my change i was like.............." oily"! on that u hav to take yourself wen its ready!never in subang i had this kind of experiensed!
after having lunch in setapak,we're off to KL-PAVILIAN!yahoo..back to normal life where i belong!cos wen i'm in college,i feel like i dont belong there,myb i just hav to sink in slowly,i guess!?!

I've taken 1 nite view,so now its day view!it was raining btw...
normal taking pictures with jamie....BFF!it was supposed to "Me" just alone,but guess jamie wanted to stuck her nose into the pic too,oh well.......dont blame her,cos i look good.... :P
later in the nite,we had good hawker food @Jln Alor,KL!!
Jamie.....BFF!lov ya was a funny movie we watch"Over Her Dead Body"!
some chicken noodle i was having,taste like Keow Teow "Teng"!?!
Just look @the hawker stalls.....longgggggggggggg!
A must to take pic wht we've eaten....sori but was abit tired&hungry,thts y i didnt take it b4 we eat!
Middle of dinner,suddenly this 2malay guys(look like drug-addicts,sori but its from my point of view)came and started to ply and was a moment to cherish with my frens tht time!after that,we're too tired and drag our lz legs back to the car park that was in Time Square!
so sum it all up,i had a fun time agian on my off day esp with JAMIE & the other 2guys(TQ guys,lov ya to bits),glad i did,cos i've been under much presured from my dad,he just wanna find fault from me!going nuts.....!oh well......

its late now,hav to work later!

just hav to say this everytime i blog, "MARIAH CAREY new album just is sooooo AWESOME,its way better then TEOM"guys go get it and u know wht i mean!trust me...its worth ur every penny! MC just rocks my world.........lovin her to bits....

Take Care guys,God-Bless

Thursday, April 17, 2008


its here,and its in my hands!! E=MC2......gosh i've been waiting forever it seems!

lovin it to bits......everyday i wen to the cd shop and ask "hav it arrive yet??" at last my wish came tru.....thk god!u guys should get it too.....i got the limited edition......

oh ya...on wednesday i went to Carl's Junior cost me a bom to eat there,RM20!crazy.....the burger was huge of course...!

*for your notice,my dad keeps on bugging me lately agian,and i've been under much pressure cos of him......he is giving much lame excuses cos i've been using the net like so normally the time i used.....its just crazy getting neg from him.....he even ask me tousand of times to pay the bill......wht the shit!!!!he as a dad should b responsible paying it.....then wht for i need a FATHER!iesh........driving me nuts agian!!u'll see....just watch out in the future,wht u hav done now and wht u gonna b treated in the future!*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mariah Carey Arrived!

its the day guys.....

MARIAH CAREY new album E=MC2 is out today 15th April!!!

its supposed to be out worldwide today,but after running to every record shops,i guess malaysia is super slow!why is this happening??I cant wait any longer....I want MC E=MC2 album!dem....

her new single,very touching,actually made me cried.... :cry:

check it out guys.........

Sunday, April 13, 2008


its my first time being TAG,so here is goes

1. Who is your all-time inspiration?
MC.....mariah carey,every1 knows that.....

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
hm.......i guess i was young and naive

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?

oh of course my BFF,JAMIE-that i can bitch all day long with....

leeza-so i can train her to loose those extra weight!haha...

PaperBag Boy-talk and talk nonstop...

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
New York

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Be the most successfull Fashion Designer in the world!

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
oh yes......mariah album rainbow!

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Investment that can give me more back in the future!

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
sure,y not!i did recently..hehe

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
-proud of being who they are
-can bitch all day long
if there is more,but since ask for 3 then 3lor

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Be who the person i want to be

11. Which do you hate the most?
Facing troubles that i cant seems to fixed it

12. What is your ambition?
To be the famous fashion designer......

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
just tell me@my face than i'll try my best to inprove

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
God-Family love-$

15. Describe yourself. 3 pros and 3 cons:
Pros: good fren to b with-just lov hangin out-stay positive
Cons: no$-bitch ard-wasting my time away mostly doing nothing

16. Are you a pessimist?
sometimes....mostly the dirty wans..opsss

17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
Nothing,cos i love being who i am rite now!

18. Is there anything that u have done which u regret?
lots lots lots,mostly buying stuff tht i dont need......just splashing my cash$ ard!

19. What makes you different?
Cos i stand out of the crowd.....FASHION DESIGNER its a must!

20. Today is......
First time after working for 1month plus that on my off day i'm staying home,how sad is tht,should b out now shopping,hehe......

so this my first tag.......hope i do it rite!?!haha....

i tag Paper Bag Boy & Leeza,u guys better do it,or i'll hunt u down!


Fashion is my nature
so weekend was here agian, love weekends!just give me the high to go out and release my tention &stress of the week!
i was supposed to meet my fren Kris@pavilian on friday after work,taking the public transport(bus,ktm,monorail)to KL has never been so scary!worst of all i have to sqeeze into the small entry of the transport that i was taking,add on to that,it was rush hour time(after work),dem alot of ppl,mostly i guess not malaysian,foreign ppl,those from iraq/iran/india/indonesia/......the list goes on!i feel like i'm not in my own country anymore,that just freaks me out!!thats y i dont like taking the public transport!worst of all was waiting for the ktm to arrived,it took me almost 1hr to just wait for the train,wen it arrived also it was packed like a can of sardin!i feel molested being ard ppl i dont know touching me everywhere!er........
oh well,i reach KL be4 8pm,it took me almost2hrs to get there!

Sg.Wang was having some fashion show,but i dont think it was on tht day,myb the following day i guess!the stage looks cool,thts y i hav to take a snap for u guys to see,i'll be walking down this kind of runway in the near future!

IFTC,a place where student can study fashion!i was supposed to go there,but to due financial problem that my family is facing,i have to go for the most affordable 1 that is TARC(never heard of fashion there rite)oh well,@list i'm going somewhere@last....!

After meeting up with Kris,we had a BD party to attend to,some Bar in cheras!the place was just ok,mostly ppl there are chinese singing chinese songs the whole nite,u know me with chinese,dont mixed well!

the next day,saturday!work morning shift....nite wen LQ with jamie,it was her second time there after her long long first time visit!the songs they played was not that nice but@list they played my MISS.Mariah Carey "Touch My Body",hav to tell ya guys agian,i wen wild with the starting of the song!u can ask jamie for proof...haha ;P ,the theme for the nite was "Songkran"(some thai festival,where u get all wet)but they only sprinkle some water on the dance floor,how sad was tht!but i had a great time with jamie and my bunch of frens,it was a funfill time hangin out with them!just laugh my ass off......

after LQ we went to Mc,D's SS15 drive-tru!

i waited half an hr for the breakfast to start,cos we're there early! called first customer of the day for breakfast!hehe......was kinda hungry after LQ plus on that i wanna talk abt the experienced we had LQ with jamie.....bitching ard was fun with Jamie!haha.....

decided to call another of our "kaki" PS,we know him so deeply that he only wakes up in the nite and slp in the day,so thts y he came!it was fun having another to bitch ard!haha.....

We had a great time in LQ,enjoy ourself to the fullest!yeh baby.......i know we're so gonna go for our second time!cant wait.....!

back t0 MC:

its just days now till Mariah Carey new album is out in stores!its 3more days till the countdown!

E=MC2 out April 15th!so gonna get it on the first day!yeh baby....mariah just makes me go uuhhh....ahahah....."TOUCH MY BODY"!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Second time=Pavilian

its my second time to pavilian yesterday!it was suppose to be with Jamie actually......but anyway,i decided to go pavilian last min after my 3hrs work of the,got the wht the heck......!forced Tim to get his lazy ass out of the hse.....poor him..running low on cash,i did promise that i'll support him for the day,meals esp!the last time i was there with jamie end up buying nothing.....this time was lucky,got 3 shirts from PHILOSOPHY men!!so happy....but wen i wen home to check agian,one of the shirt size is diff,i ask for size2,he give me size3!i was like SHIT........wht the i hav to go back and change!but oh well.....jamie &tim@list i get to see..........ahem......u know la guys! ;P

@last we made it to Starbucks Pavilian,the last time there also didnt get to seat and enjoy the coffee!this time i made it a point to b there....!but abit disapointed

Tim is going to singapore soon(study),dem...i'm gonna miss him alot!he only told me wen we're going to pavilian,so short notice!

Thomas and new fren of mine!

i heard that mariah album has been leaked tru the internet.......guys...pls dont go for pirated stuff....its like stealing ur $$ without knowing...!support Mariah cos its worth it with the music she is giving me.....her album songs E=MC2 is totally awesome!out april 16th.....

Saturday, April 5, 2008


My BFF...but we hav to change that,more then a friend!A sister to me...u meant alot to me,lov ya jamie...!!!!

it's been a very long time since we 3 reunited agian for shopping(Me,Jamie,&Kris),there has been a slight change of attitude towards each other rite now,guess we've change from time to time!but there is always laughter and smiles in our reunion....i'm glad we did......ALOT too!!haha...

Pavilian outing has been fun with friends....but from shoppers that are there on that day none of them look interesting(only close friends get wht i mean!haha....)...........a few la i guess!its supposed to be a sunday outing,but due to Jamie cant avoid things she has to do(study for her exam+giving excuse to stay home and avoid "cheng meng"),we decided to go on friday,i was fine with anyday,can go out on my off day i'm cool with it!hehe...

we watch movie called "Three Kingdom"its in mandarin,in which case i suck in mandarin both understanding and speaking.......sad sad.....i not that chinese k!haha....the movie overall was ok only la,i give 50/50,its like olden days kinda movies where they fight fight in wars to win over state and see who is more "geng"(powerfull)!
we wanted to hangout in Starbucks Pavilian but guess due to the time we had and ppl ard us....we decided to go for dinner straight....
oh do tell ya clearly where we enjoy....
our first stop was Kim Gary@Sg.Wang plaza....jamie was hungry@that time cos i was late to pick her up from her college(so sorry!!)
Few hours later we're having dinner@Hong Kong Char Chan Teng(i think thts how its spell??oh well...)its located @the highest floor near TGIF!

Jamie bz sms'in away.....and i was on my phone too sms'in Tim that was supposed to show up but he "Fong Fei Kei"(put airoplane,means didnt show up)on us!Jamie was looking forward to meet him i guess(to jamie=is it rite?i'm not sure,i'm just thinking so...)

the view where we're seated was just AWESOME!!we just LOVVVV the view....

the food that i ordered.....not bad,tuna bread,i was crazy over the fried tuna was something i never had b4!the price in this rest is reasonable.....not bad for a high class place,its PAVILIAN K....!!

the deco they hav is Fabulous.......lovin it to it every moment!i just dont get it, where some ppl think wen some of this places totally looks high class,they'll automatic think it will be way expensive,i confess that i used to think that way(last time)....but i've change.....!!hehe....

last thing we did was a little window shopping,wen into COUCH and saw a bag that i wen crazy over in my mind till now!its RM1.6K.....dem....

working has made my account fatter abit,but with all stuff i hav to pay,ending up zero(RM0)agian!so whts the point....sad sad...but i do agree that wen i go out there is always cash for me to spent....just enough,there is no extra,i feel blessed....THK the lord!

i feel sad that i'm leaving soon for college,i'll miss my frens esp Jamie,Kris,PS,and others too..but i look forward to a new chapter of my life and a new beginning.....!!We'll still get to hang out agian Jamie in the dear sister close to heart....loving you always....hugss....!(mua BD coming real soon,suprise me,hehe..)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Super pic's

took some really cool pictures,just to share....can u guys guess wht drink is it??haha.....