Friday, April 18, 2008


It's my second time to PAVILIAN agian on friday!i agree i'm obsessed with that place!
was a suprised agian that Jamie wanted to join our trip,it was supposed to be only Tien Ho and I but after not knowing that Tien Ho is bringing Andrew,i was glad Jamie came along!!
first I have to drop by Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC)*soon to join*to just send in some forms and ask about on wht should I bring and stuff!it was a HOT sunny day,but the weather change after we went for lunch nearby college!
the chicken rice only cost us RM3,it was not bad,but the only worst thing is the man who is dealing with chopping the chicken is also dealing with the cash!wen he gave me back my change i was like.............." oily"! on that u hav to take yourself wen its ready!never in subang i had this kind of experiensed!
after having lunch in setapak,we're off to KL-PAVILIAN!yahoo..back to normal life where i belong!cos wen i'm in college,i feel like i dont belong there,myb i just hav to sink in slowly,i guess!?!

I've taken 1 nite view,so now its day view!it was raining btw...
normal taking pictures with jamie....BFF!it was supposed to "Me" just alone,but guess jamie wanted to stuck her nose into the pic too,oh well.......dont blame her,cos i look good.... :P
later in the nite,we had good hawker food @Jln Alor,KL!!
Jamie.....BFF!lov ya was a funny movie we watch"Over Her Dead Body"!
some chicken noodle i was having,taste like Keow Teow "Teng"!?!
Just look @the hawker stalls.....longgggggggggggg!
A must to take pic wht we've eaten....sori but was abit tired&hungry,thts y i didnt take it b4 we eat!
Middle of dinner,suddenly this 2malay guys(look like drug-addicts,sori but its from my point of view)came and started to ply and was a moment to cherish with my frens tht time!after that,we're too tired and drag our lz legs back to the car park that was in Time Square!
so sum it all up,i had a fun time agian on my off day esp with JAMIE & the other 2guys(TQ guys,lov ya to bits),glad i did,cos i've been under much presured from my dad,he just wanna find fault from me!going nuts.....!oh well......

its late now,hav to work later!

just hav to say this everytime i blog, "MARIAH CAREY new album just is sooooo AWESOME,its way better then TEOM"guys go get it and u know wht i mean!trust me...its worth ur every penny! MC just rocks my world.........lovin her to bits....

Take Care guys,God-Bless


-jamie- said...

why so suprise I went? lol

Julian Jansen Goh said...

haha....cos normally wen i ask u the last last time u'll like dont wan la this and that!so i ws suprise lor...we've been going out lately hor....haha!lov it....


-jamie- said...

yuppies, cause i know i wont have much chance to go out with you after this.... :) taking full advantage to go out with you lo

Julian Jansen Goh said...

ohh...ya lor,going off soon!!"bye bye"=MC

sad sad....gonna miss u like crazy girl!

-jamie- said...

you better miss me man... lolz

Julian Jansen Goh said...

like always......!