Thursday, February 19, 2009

Those memories!

one of those days where i had to wait for my sis till she off work in parkson,cos i took the ktm home,then while waiting,i was listening to my earphones(songs from phone)
then this lion dance drums beat started playing really loud,so went there,ke po chi abit
but didnt get any orange from the lion,
me and jamie bump into the lion dance performance to last year...guess they do it every year during CNY!!

yeh,i rmb this,its so relaxing and ticklish too,located in Pavilion level 5(near cinema,GSC)its in the Fish Spa.
feet massage is known to be good for your whole body!!

they are the cheekist people on this earth,gosh..i just LOVE them!!

the colour changes once in a while!warm was so niceeeeeee!

SORI jihan!!!!i just got to post this,it look so CUTE on you!haha..

it was Chap Goh Mei,dad got like 2 long firecracker to burn,the first one burn on the eve of CNY!
it made really hell loud "pop"!!

dinner at Tai Tong,SS15!

the tradisional dish,Yee Sang..
mixed it with ur chopstick and make it high,thats wht the old folks said,for good luck!?!

after few glasses of redwine,still i'm not drunk!?!?!?
gosh....where is my limit?

this wasnt the same nite i had dinner with my family,but its also the same place,Tai Tong SS15,we had dim sum with aunty karen n her partner when they were in KL!

friends BD,it was such a awesome nite!everybody had fun..!!

Kris,my Goungzhou friend,he is back after 2month MIA!!
no..i was just kidding,he went back to his homeground for the holidays,miss my dear friend wen he wasnt ard!!

Bugs and Alia,my college mates,they are the people i hang out most,enjoyed the time being with them!having Lunch in Lot10!

thats my DIVA!!
lov ya..

here we go again,round and round and round,come on guys,its my nature,i like taking pictures,so either u like it or dont,do comment anyway..haha

with lov hugs...JJ

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Plans Killer

thats what i name him...cos he is such a PLAN KILLER!

everytime i have plans with friends,he just have to change my mood around and not letting me use the cars!!
why is this happening??
here am i seating infront of my computer posting this on Valentine day....yes...its Valentine!!
how sad it that,and its 8pm+ alry,havnt had my dinner since lunch@12pm,am freaking hungry!!!!!!!
i'm MAD at him,cos plans with friends had to be always like that...since i started to go out....
i want to go out so badly!!!!!
i hate this part....

he is such a PLAN KILLER!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Face your past without regret,Handle your present with confidence,Prepare for the future without fear"!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Truth To Be TOLD

everyone lies their deep down secret,
on how bitche they may be,once u step into that danger zone,you'll for sure be DIED!!

i believed where life has its up and down,for me at this such hour,i feel most down,people that i need the most of have i trusted and cherish them so much dont even seem to bother how i feel!
that frustrate me alot,to the extant where i just wanna YELL out LOUD and SCREAM on the top of my voice!
its like i've been doing the same old mistake...gosh cant u guys even see what i'm going through for the pass few months,i dont always have to kiss your ass OK!
i dont even get whts up with you guys...
sometimes your so nice,but the next time i see you guys again,it turns out that he is mad at me for i'm not doing this,or i'm not kissing your ARSS enough!!gosh...sick and tired of this crap..
dont u get it...
life aint all perfect for me too OK,so buzz of and stop creating unwanted PROBLEMS/FIGHTS!

never ever trust anyone but yourself
learn our mistake and never repeat it
move on once you encounter with a back stabbing friend
stop BITCHING abt others wen u get right with YOURSELF first!!!
look yourself in the mirrow and think, "AM I GOOD ENOUGH"!

think people!!think....if u have doubts that i may refer to you abt this post...THINK AGAIN!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JD & MC!

just rmb i watch this video long long time ago..

mariah was recording her album E=MC2 that time..
you can actually hear the snippit of her song "10.Thanks 4 nothin" while was playing at the background at *2.42*!

mariah look so pretty even without make up!!
and look at her darm SEXY!!
i lovee the part where she showed signs abt kissing her arss!!hehe..
the most suprising part was JD and MC even sang that song....Flow Rider-LOW when it's not even release out yet tht time!

watch the video and you'll find out...

then mariah sang a part *Migrate..bye* and TMB you tube....

*jihan watch n comment!!*