Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JD & MC!

just rmb i watch this video long long time ago..

mariah was recording her album E=MC2 that time..
you can actually hear the snippit of her song "10.Thanks 4 nothin" while was playing at the background at *2.42*!

mariah look so pretty even without make up!!
and look at her body......so darm SEXY!!
i lovee the part where she showed signs abt kissing her arss!!hehe..
the most suprising part was JD and MC even sang that song....Flow Rider-LOW when it's not even release out yet tht time!

watch the video and you'll find out...

then mariah sang a part *Migrate..bye* and TMB you tube....

*jihan watch n comment!!*



jihan halim said...

owh now ure forcing me to comment !

yes julian,everyone can see that she's curvy!
love it!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

hehe....dont force then you wont comment n come to class telling me abt it!!i wan both.....so tht ppl in my blog too can listen wht u hav to say!