Sunday, February 8, 2009

Truth To Be TOLD

everyone lies their deep down secret,
on how bitche they may be,once u step into that danger zone,you'll for sure be DIED!!

i believed where life has its up and down,for me at this such hour,i feel most down,people that i need the most of have i trusted and cherish them so much dont even seem to bother how i feel!
that frustrate me alot,to the extant where i just wanna YELL out LOUD and SCREAM on the top of my voice!
its like i've been doing the same old mistake...gosh cant u guys even see what i'm going through for the pass few months,i dont always have to kiss your ass OK!
i dont even get whts up with you guys...
sometimes your so nice,but the next time i see you guys again,it turns out that he is mad at me for i'm not doing this,or i'm not kissing your ARSS enough!!gosh...sick and tired of this crap..
dont u get it...
life aint all perfect for me too OK,so buzz of and stop creating unwanted PROBLEMS/FIGHTS!

never ever trust anyone but yourself
learn our mistake and never repeat it
move on once you encounter with a back stabbing friend
stop BITCHING abt others wen u get right with YOURSELF first!!!
look yourself in the mirrow and think, "AM I GOOD ENOUGH"!

think people!!think....if u have doubts that i may refer to you abt this post...THINK AGAIN!!


n.zati.halim said...

julian, chill out. but what u said is actually true. we should mirror ourselves first before saying things to other people. And sometimes, certain B*it*h just never realised their mistakeS. see the big S ok. hehehe

Julian Jansen Goh said...

zati,thk you for the advise!
yeh,sometimes its such a pain in the ars* to just play their stupid bitche litte game!
THK YOU very much!!Hugs..

jihan halim said...

c'est la vie~
hahahah...i know ure not talking abt me,cse im an ANGEL!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

we'll talk in class....confidential..