Thursday, February 19, 2009

Those memories!

one of those days where i had to wait for my sis till she off work in parkson,cos i took the ktm home,then while waiting,i was listening to my earphones(songs from phone)
then this lion dance drums beat started playing really loud,so went there,ke po chi abit
but didnt get any orange from the lion,
me and jamie bump into the lion dance performance to last year...guess they do it every year during CNY!!

yeh,i rmb this,its so relaxing and ticklish too,located in Pavilion level 5(near cinema,GSC)its in the Fish Spa.
feet massage is known to be good for your whole body!!

they are the cheekist people on this earth,gosh..i just LOVE them!!

the colour changes once in a while!warm was so niceeeeeee!

SORI jihan!!!!i just got to post this,it look so CUTE on you!haha..

it was Chap Goh Mei,dad got like 2 long firecracker to burn,the first one burn on the eve of CNY!
it made really hell loud "pop"!!

dinner at Tai Tong,SS15!

the tradisional dish,Yee Sang..
mixed it with ur chopstick and make it high,thats wht the old folks said,for good luck!?!

after few glasses of redwine,still i'm not drunk!?!?!?
gosh....where is my limit?

this wasnt the same nite i had dinner with my family,but its also the same place,Tai Tong SS15,we had dim sum with aunty karen n her partner when they were in KL!

friends BD,it was such a awesome nite!everybody had fun..!!

Kris,my Goungzhou friend,he is back after 2month MIA!!
no..i was just kidding,he went back to his homeground for the holidays,miss my dear friend wen he wasnt ard!!

Bugs and Alia,my college mates,they are the people i hang out most,enjoyed the time being with them!having Lunch in Lot10!

thats my DIVA!!
lov ya..

here we go again,round and round and round,come on guys,its my nature,i like taking pictures,so either u like it or dont,do comment anyway..haha

with lov hugs...JJ


jihan halim said...

monkey betul!

n.zati.halim said...

owh julian, dont worry, what she's trying to day that she looks like monkey! :D

jihan halim said...


Julian Jansen Goh said...

i better run!!
but my DIVA look so cute there,i like!!hehe..

n.zati.halim said...

yeah. maybe, cute monkey~ :P jokes jokes

Julian Jansen Goh said...

haha...zati zati,kakak ni tau joke kan!!

kan kan jihan!?!