Sunday, March 1, 2009


its been days now,still not have any idea on what should i blog about!
there is plenty to be done but too lazy to get it started..
what should i do..

assignments-shoe and bag...its the third week,supposed to hand in week 2!but everyone also still doing it...
but i'm almost done!
designing is hard....u have to really think out of the box to create something new and never seen before!

last nite was another hanging out session with buddies,dance till the wee hours!!it was a last minute decision after having dinner...didnt intend to go...but overall,i give it a tumbs up,cos they played 2 Mariah songs...

Touch My Body
I Stay In Love

love it to bits..

oh well.....there goes my weekend...
i really need to get things done asap!!
Leeza,i really do need to meet up with u and discuss about the plans we have!

Jihan,we need to get bugs prezzie!!
do we still need a cake??or just the prezzie will do??

i need to clean my room..
i need to find more $$!!anyway anyhow..

sis u still owe me RM220!

fasting month..30days
wish me all the best!



jihan halim said...

haah yes!
we'll get the phone then..

Leez said...

dude when is your class over? i can go over to kl and meet you there.. like.. around this week, if you're free...

Julian Jansen Goh said...

jihan,,like i told u,nak orang bayar RM25 also susah!
macam mana nak beli phone??

lee-yeh,sure me wen ur coming!!
do tell me in advance!