Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank You

for the pass few months,I've been receiving comments from friends that i've not been meeting for a very long time or to say few months!

this is what they comment abt me when they saw me after like months..

"hey julian,u looking more like a designer now!"

"getting slimmer and fit i see"

"looking great each time i see u"

"new style,i like"

"love it"

"another new hairstyle,HOT"

"looking HOTTER each day i see u J"

"love your garment,u made it yourself"

"forever changing style,but its still J"

"how did u get so slim and fit,u look great!!"


"working it"



"love your style"

..............and the list goes on!

haha....THK You guys for the comments,i'm on top of the world when u guys said that!gives me the push to go futher at where i am now as a designer!!

"Work it PPL"!!

lov ya godbless!


jihan halim said...

of course! MY DIVO kan!

all of ur friends pun awesome kn!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

haha....of course!!we're all AWESOME!!