Monday, March 2, 2009

FASTING for 30Days

"NO MARIAH FOR 30days!!!!"
can u guys believe it??
how can this happened!?!?!

we will never say BYE BYE!!

its the time of the year agian,where christian fast for 30days...

where we fast and pray for a breakthrough in our life's.

for me I've chosen to fast on the one and only most important..thing that mean alot to me is.....


there will be no listening to MC music
means I have to change my phone ringtone to another song that is not MC!
means there is no talking about MC(trying my best on that)
alot to be done in order to fast properly!!
I'm DOOM without her music....

HELP ME......
I KNOW I can do it,its for my GOD ALMIGHTY!!
this is for you!!THKS TO GOD for everything!

wish me all the best guys..

today is the first day...still can cope with it..
wen on my way in the car with my sis back from college,they played mariah song-dreamlover!
then i was like ohhhh its MARIAH,then few mins later i realised that i'm not supposed to listen to her song,had to painfully ask my sis to switch to other channel!!
sad sad....

its for a good couse!!

oh well........

godbless guys!


jihan halim said...

too bad!
so u cant play mariah's songs in class anymore?

Julian Jansen Goh said...

thts y u dont see me playing it,i tak bawa pun my earphones now to class!!thts y i borrowed ur ipod!arh...this is hard!!

n.zati.halim said...

julian! good luck ok ;)

Julian Jansen Goh said...

I'm not getting used to it...sometimes i even sing to mariah song.....NOOOOO!!!!