Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prezzies list..

so here goes my wish list for the stuff that i want or soon to have bec of u guys to make it happened!?!come no...its my 21st ur talking about....entering into adulthood!
so here goes..

-Adidas porsche,since i cant have the car,why not a shoe.size 9 TQ!
*any porsche white model will do*

-i dont mind a CK underwear!size M TQ

-D&G(Dolce & Gabana)latest frangrance,i like the #1!

-the latest thing in town,ipad would be nice!

-you can never go wrong with CASH$$!!

-MCMC,this are the few albums that i dont have the extra cash to buy,so some1 pls...get me 4of them!!make my day!muaks...then its complete!!,i need a new 1,my phone spoil..sad..

-why am i so OBSESSED with GUCCI spring summer collection!?!its so lovely and WHITE!!my colour....and i love that BAG!!

-Gucci by Gucci sport fragrance,wanna spell like tht...

the list goes on...tune in to find out whats next!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

getting it done

well guys,the big 2 1 is coming...i need to get things plan fast!!only less then 2weeks...!
and my designs are not even done for the dateline jst around the corners..
presents that i wish to get on my BD...
will soon be posted..

godbless guys..xoxoJJ

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion Has a Price.

sorriiieeee guys for keeping my blog dead sooo long....

here are my busy plans ahead..

tuesday been invited to go for the launching of Debenhams in Lot10,international designer Matthew Williamson is coming.excited!

next is getting my fashion show dress done by wednesday for IFTC Spring Summer fashion show 2010!do come its this 14th April 2010 at Sg.Wang 7pm!!

then am off to Bandung for a few days of relaxation and SHOPPING!!yippeee...

c u guys soon with pics....