Monday, January 18, 2010


spread my wings and prepare to fly....

this time off to the beautiful island called BALI!

a trip to remember when I'm old,had a awesome time with friends...!

Kuta Beach!

some prayers parade going on..

Shopping!!Discovery Mall

went to watch the Barong dance,love it!

it's something like our lion dance,but this mythological animal called Barong represents a good spirit

Famous 'Babi Guling'

Tanah Lot

well,we have to at list PARTY for once when we're in Bali,that makes the whole trip!

i want more...

overall,I think everyone should visit Bali in their life time
-shopping is great
-food is good
-people are nice & friendly
-cabs are cheap and comfy(not like msia)
-easy to get around
-and lots of ang mo,aussie

China Welcomes You
a trip that truely open my hearts to the chinese people,well some of them la..haha
the best trip ever yet with my Big Family..

Forbidden City was HUGE!!it took us around 3hours just to tour inside,and it was FREAKING cold...
-13* on that day

7 wonders of the World,
The Great Wall
all i could say is it was 'Magnificent'
the thought of those ancient times where people don't even have those high tech technology equipment to built something this long,it's COOL!

Bird Nest

Food Market

they are gonna be there!

that cold till the mineral water are all freeze up become ace!

this cat is soooo CUTE!!
looks like Garfield

it SNOW!!

did my snow angel..PERFECT!

my younger sis failed!

need to bargain bargain,HARD!

Beijing Capital International Airport

well,as you can see here,flights were cancel due to bad weather,snowing badly outside,had to stay a night in the airport,fun but tired..
had a wonderful trip with my Family!

well peps,hope you like my i have to focus back on my studies,there is so much to do..
but then more holiday trips to come,maybe even to EUROPE!?!who knows...haha,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here i Come!


sorry guys for not updating again,i just got back from Beijing China not more then a week,today am off to Bali with friends!!

Beijing was super cold,-16*!!flight got delayed due to bad weather,had to stay a night in Beijing Capital International Airport!will post it when am back from my Bali trip...

C ya guys,Take Care