Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prezzies list..

so here goes my wish list for the stuff that i want or soon to have bec of u guys to make it happened!?!come no...its my 21st ur talking about....entering into adulthood!
so here goes..

-Adidas porsche,since i cant have the car,why not a shoe.size 9 TQ!
*any porsche white model will do*

-i dont mind a CK underwear!size M TQ

-D&G(Dolce & Gabana)latest frangrance,i like the #1!

-the latest thing in town,ipad would be nice!

-you can never go wrong with CASH$$!!

-MCMC,this are the few albums that i dont have the extra cash to buy,so some1 pls...get me 4of them!!make my day!muaks...then its complete!!,i need a new 1,my phone spoil..sad..

-why am i so OBSESSED with GUCCI spring summer collection!?!its so lovely and WHITE!!my colour....and i love that BAG!!

-Gucci by Gucci sport fragrance,wanna spell like tht...

the list goes on...tune in to find out whats next!!


1 comment:

Echo said...

UR funny, love your list, I can agree with everything but Maraiah. I don't think I need her, well maybe at my birthday party.