Thursday, January 29, 2009


my family and aunty karen with her partner,uncle gary had dim sum for branch!
its at the SS15 area,TaiTong group

the lion dance group came and perform..
i actually get to touch the gold lion when it came to my table!!
so all the best in 2009!!

after dinner we went to a place called "Jetty"
its a long bridge out to the sea shore,it was windy and what a nice place to chill and relax after dinner!

Family gathering,as usual....makan makan and all,we had portugese seafood!

it was Jihan Big Night!i hope she had fun,i know we all did!

*pic been taken off due to person in that pic complained*

we got LOW LOw Low low.........!!

finished my grandmom shirt before Chinese New Year!but cant fit her...gosh...was abit upset,but oh well...grandmom is getting old and fat!what to do...there is still plenty of cloth...will take my time doing another better one for her since i got her measurement this time!

take care guys...hope u enjoy my pics..

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