Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big Day for America!

"Jihan" look at her CURVES!!see with the big volume hair...told u so it match!!so do something like this on ur BD!see ya..

so here comes the new president for the United States of America!
Congrats to Barack Obama!
the Americans really welcome him with open arms!
such a celebration...awesome!
and not to forget my girl DIVA Mrs.Mariah Carey Cannon was there to perform too..

here are the videos..

Hero-with her awesome voice!

then with all the other artist



jihan said...


gosh! u people would never give up!!!!
my hair is so short!!!!!

love the mic btw!

n.zati.halim said...

hahaha. mic pon ok ke jihan? ok ok. !

jihan said...

cuba tgk betul2 the mic!!!!!!
penuh dgn swaroski pulak!!!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

haha....curl it,make it VOLUME!!
look@mariah....see see!!take pic!!tell the stylist!!
opss.....jihan punya kakak pun baca i tulis apa kat sini...kena berhati-hati ni..

thts my girl,mic with swaroski!!
Mariah Rocks it to the max!!
suprise me Jihan on ur BIG NITE!!cant wait...
c ya

n.zati.halim said...

OMG! julian. y must berhati2? i am a cool sister lah :P