Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year 2009!


*guess who is trying out tht dress*

first of all,i have to apologies to everyone out there who visits my blog often or sometimes or etc..
i've been pretty busy with everything since i came back from Hong Kong,so i guess been trying my best to chatch up with everything!

been tired...been stressed...been working extra hard....wht
lately no mood to blog...each time i want to pen down something...i'll have my usual mood swings...
i guess being single and lonely and no one to care,does effect me inside just that without showing it to the people around me!"I NEED SOMEONE"!!
but i don't want to make the same mistake i did last hurts so deeply...even till now,i do think of it...on and off...
never....forgive&forget..never will never ever...don't could i??

mariah has came out with a new album*previous post*
been listening to her new "HERO"-trying to bring my emotions up and bounce back to life....!
slowly its helping me...
i need a "HERO"!!people.....JJG needs a "HERO"....a real one!*Mariah will do*

oh well....i better stop crapping here alry...
pics of Hong Kong is in my facebook
godbless you guys..


Tommo said...

I think i saw you in 1u last sunday. Hehe. Good luck and Happy CNY!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

1U??yes i was there..haha,didnt come say hi??
which part u saw me?
Happy Chinese New Year 2u2!!

Fashion Lover said...
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Fashion Lover said...

Love is a bitch. lol. Cheer up!