Sunday, April 27, 2008


Glits and Glam..
it was a big nite for me and my first to be invited to a fashion show in Hartamas Shopping Centre on friday nite the 25th April 2008!
Lucky for my friends that i brought along,guess they enjoyed and i guess some was their first time too...!?!
Kalson & I(some1 special that i've found)
Stylish Me,fabulous Endrick that i love always,&dearest Jamie!we just enter into the area where only invited guest are allowed!feeling so glamorous@tht time...cheh..
Time to start the show......."start the music DJ"!
They had finger food....and it was GOOD!!we keep on eating nonstop!they served us all kinds of finger food,crakers with egg/shrimp/tuna....,cakes,small fried popiah,french bread with all kinds of topping......btw,we havnt had our dinner yet,so guess tht was our dinner!haha.....
The deco was not bad...
Here comes the model.....only posted up a few nice dresses....the others are so so only...
this red is the design,the flow'wieness of the my type!i'm so gonna design more of this kind of dresses!lov it...
Now is the guys turn to run the runway....not bad!one of the model is from my college "TAR",thts wht i heard from Jamie!let me find out once i enter college...hehe.....
William Liew,not bad his his gowns...!
entrance to the area deco....nice rite!
the designer's and sponsers!

and it was time to PARTY after the fashion show!hanging out with jamie and friends never been happier my whole life!
I had the time of my life....guess being in this fashion business is my thing!so gonna invit u guys agian to my future functions!hehe....

back to MC=*latest news on my diva*

her latest album E=MC2 is #1 on the billboard album chart.....sold more then 463,000 in the U.S. in the first week! girl is rocking the hse agian with her new album!told u guys tht she'll do it......i love it from the day 1 the first heard the single TMB!!

the second single from the album is "Bye Bye",a very touching and sad song tht some1 had passed away/loose some1!!bet it will MARIAH number 19th #1 hit.....cross our fingers guy!

love her so much!!MC forever #1

godbless guys....


-jamie- said...

thanks for askin me to go.... great time and this post it have good pictures of me... XD lolz AT LAST

Julian Jansen Goh said...

haha..dont worry girl,u always look good no matter wht*beside me*hahahaha....:p

yeh....we took really great pics tht nite,cam-horing to the top!after party was great rite!!

glad u enjoy ur time......!there will b more in the future!

lov ya always.....cant believe each day i'm getting closer to go college,far far far away from here!sad.......girl,i'm gonna say this and will always do "I MISS U"
sob sob....


Leez said...

ok since i felt that i needed to leave my mark..

yes yes yes i DO read your blog all the time but i don't comment cos too lazy/nothing to comment/forgot.

but now. EIH I WANT TO GO SEE FASHION SHOW TOO!!!! super lebih lah now, want me to invite you to a Rotary dinner but then u don't invite me to a fashion show.. hahaha

i want to go pavillion with you!!! faster faster invite me before my exams start!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

haha.....@last the L drops her ink!haha....

fashion show.....uh ahh.....cos i wen with diff group of

pavilian is like my second home now girl!!just love going there.....haha!
yes yes...we'll plan n go 1day!i'm working and very c how la!


Tommo said...

hey i think i saw jamie in your blog!LOL
anyway im somewhere near summit usj.Dang!
Oh i love bye bye so much. A great song!i think it will really be the 19th single of mimi!