Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please Don't Stop The Music

pls dont stop the music thats wht i want after LQ!!haha....it was a Hot nite with my bunch of frens agian!!the music played by DJ Louis just make me wanna shake shake it off all nite long!!
i just cant get enough of remixes!!its HOT...!!

that nite they played the famous Britney-Gimme More,Piece of Me,Break the ice/Janet Jackson-Feedback/One Republic-Apologies/Alicia Keys-No One/Beyonce-One Nite Only/Paula Abdul-Dance Like No Tmr, and others that i dont rmb,not my fav!!
songs are hot hot hot.......booty shaking all tru the nite long!!hehe.....music just feeds my stress away......

after that we went to a stall @the back of Low Yat,ate some beef noodle @4am++,it was good.....its either i'm hungry/the beef noodle was really good!oh well...

i need to save up cos i just spend a BOM on my baby....(desktop)!but still wanna go out shopping....hehe!we'll c la.....

abt MC,heard her 3rd single of her new album E=MC2,Migrate.....some1 must hav tape it live.....sounds ok only,first time i say mariah songs ok,this is bad!!but anyway.....i'll support u mariah!oh ya and today i meet 1 of my senior schlmate while i was working,she said this that just pissed me off.....first she ask me hav i gotten mariah new album,of course not,its out april 15th!and the next word she said was her new song suck.......and i'm like........inside la,wht the fuck u saying......Touch My Body rocks k!she continue saying abt mc bla bla bla....still prefer her old songs,who doesnt??i mean its the trend ma.....so MC hav to follow the trend nowdays....we're living in the modern day society that listens to new material.......!follow the generation...so like i'm telling the BITCH who just insulted MC to just FUCK off and shut up if u dont know anything abt MC!!mariah is still HOT and she's gonna make her next album #1,u just watch out!
warning to others too.........dont talk bad abt MC ever infront of me!

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