Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Stupid "Crisp-N-Clean" dry cleaning shop in Taipan!
it has ruin my Long trench coat that I made for myself!err....i'm so ANGRY @ them!

ok this how the story goes..

i've send in my coat on friday 12/8/08
then i reminded the girl there to iron and wash all those stains out from my coat,she happily said she will write that down and tell her stuff...
oh well....then i left thinking my coat is in good hands..

so on the tuesday 16/8/08,the day i'am supposed to pick it up!
so happily thinking that my coat is already dry clean n looks freshly iron....mana tahu/didnt know that it turn out horrible,ALL-i tell u-A.L.L. my button's are gone-GONE!!
i was freaking MAD and PISSED!!gosh...all my hard work and the button's ALL gone!!
i speak to the manager on the phone cos looking at the stuff with their "blur out face",they seems to dont know wht is happening either....
the manager seems to be very calm where i on the other line raising my voise demanding for an explanation...but the manager seems to hav no clue either wht had happened...eish.....
i didnt take my coat....i said "I WILL NOT BLOODY HELL PAY FOR THE DRY CLEANING!!"
the manager said he will drop by and look @my coat on wht had actually gone wrong with it...and call me to settle this out....but untill now there is no reply!
i'm giving him untill tmr evening....if he still havnt call me....his ARSS* will be on fire!!
and i bought those button's like crazy expensive....
anyway....i hope "Crisp-N-Clean" will pay for the damage that they have cost upon my coat!!
freaking MAD!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very nice......

fara soliano said...

omg!! how can do thAT?? THAT IS SO UNFAIR!! MAKE THE DRY CLEANING PLACE BANKRUP JULIAN!! DO IT..!! DO IT..!! HAHAHAH im sorry for u julian.. =((

Julian Jansen Goh said...

goooooood girl-thk you so much...do visit often ya and drop some comment,where your from??

fara-gosh...i'm still freaking mad at them,the manager dont even bother to call me up till i have to call up the stuff there to remind their stupid manager to call and settle things out!
will let u guys know what had happened and going to happen in the coming post!
haha...i'm not that evil to make them bankrup!haha...how u lately?i saw ur new hairstyle!!y so SHORT!!!!haha..