Friday, December 12, 2008

The Truth is...

people people,
how i wish i was the winner!
guess what...i "CON" u guys!
the "real" JULIAN(the real winner)kinda complained/commented on my blog!
I'm SORRY...just in the moment of like u know....the crazy over mariah fan thing!haha..
but anyway...i'm glad u won...its a nice design...simple and nice!CONGRATS JULIAN!!
i'm on the other hand laughing away till i drop tht i've CON"


1.JIHAN(so sorry girl,was putting in the fun for christmas)
2.Bugs(its funny)
3.My little sis,Jody then my elder sis Jolynn! bloggers buddies! guess the soso ppl....

oh was nice mariah mention to all other Julian fan of mariah out there!!
hope to meet u JULIAN(the winner of luscious pink)
tk cr.....
godbless......*still laughing@the ppl i "CON"!*


jihan said...



omg julian,i told EVERYONE!
my mom,my brothers,my aunties,hajar,syukri,my hairstylist,the lady that works at the spa........

ure so gonna get it!
dont bother coming to class on monday!
i'll definately....scratch that, WE definately gonna kick ur ass! wonder u were so quiet abt it!
cis cis cissssss!


Julian Jansen Goh said...

i have no idea why in the first place i did it,guess it was FUN in a way! :P

but mariah did mention "JULIAN"!!

fara soliano said...

hahhaa.. no wonder jihan ask me to read ur blog!! hahaha.. it is funny though.. =D smpai jihan ckp bernerd chandran pon kalah!! hahaha