Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Expecting!!

Sat nite partying with frens in Oblique!

ppl this days just can make me boil over the top!i can explode anytime!

i'm expecting alot from myself and from the ppl i care and my close frens to be and do!
but everythings seems to be just on the edge..means its either last min or didnt happened at all!

i cant seem to save my pocket money,every end of the week,my money is all gone,plus on that i need to save badly cos my acct is totally empty!how to buy present and go clubbing...
*in the need of $*

and i've been BZ to the max with everything..from house chores to college fashion show dress to even on9in checking and updating my stuff!i need a break...i'm glad its dec and the season to be JOLLY!plus on that i'm going somewhere for the holidays after christmas with family...thats a break for me...gosh..i need it BADLY!
i just wanna rest and enjoy the moment...
my life been like a joy ride..
and its coming to the end of year 2008!wht a blast..
THK the LORD for such a blessed year...

thats for now...part2 coming..
god bless....


AJ said...

owh...i tot u're expecting as in...u know, getting pregnant...haha!!

not that u really CAN get pregnant but that expression is normal among PLU as a sign of attachment =)

Julian Jansen Goh said...

oh gosh...wht did u "EXPECTING" then!haha..
thks for dropping by...dont drop too much info here ya!-_-"