Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend is here..

well just to start off today is weekend is here,that remind me,i didnt really done anything for the whole week beside slp n eat n fetch my mom off n back fro work.
went to church last night,sermon was bored,the pastor was from india and he was speaking his very indian slang that i totally dont understand at all,as a normal human being,i being to feel very tired n slppy n hungry......but i manage to drag myself tru the sermon,thk god to vivi beside me(lov ya)we did chat alittle,ohh.........k i confess,i was mostly not paying attention to wht the pastor was saying n mostly talking to vivi....haha,(pls forgive me lord)

after church,it was normal rutine for us to go mamak,food...........yummy!vivi n i shared mostly everything.....maggie mee goreng-roti tissue-special tosie-2teh "O" ais limou(i always order my way where i called satu "teh "O" limou ais" and the mamak guy who is taking our order will look@me in a way n correct me(red face)!now i learn my lesson....haha

oh well,wen breakfast with family today morning,had mamak agian,iesh.....suddenly i'm bored with mamak,cant we go kopitiam or something!half way tru eating i had tummy pain,must be the teh ais i drink be4 food!feeling better now after i got home...

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