Friday, January 25, 2008

Mariah New Album

It's Mariah new album(That Chick) cover(i'm not sure)
Mariah looking hot here,on vacation somewhere in the tropical island,dem.....she is topless.....shake shake shake it!!
she just awesome,one and only MIMI!!

i was suprise to find out that my miss darling MC here gonna name her new album "That Chick" that planned will be out on April Fools day(wht a day to release ur album girl,pls as a big fan here change ur freaking name n date release album,cross fingers)

MC did mention that the new album is much more her now since she had more freedom to write and do most of the thing she wanted on her new album!oh well,as a big fan here wish for her the best and will stand beside her no matter wht,if its April Fools day release i'll go n get it on that day too no matter wht!GO MIMI....

Last year got her DVD "THE ADVENTURES OF MIMI"
lovin her concert.....with her vocals she hav.....totally can bring the hse down...i was dancing n shaking it off to every song that she sing!U rock girl.....

anyway......thats MIMI of the day,Buh-bye.......

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