Sunday, October 25, 2009

MiFA 2009!!

its MiFA 2009,Malaysian International Fashion Alliance is back again!!
this time kicking off in early NOV 09!
its KL Fashion Week,and i'am in it!!YEH!!
thanks to my college IFTC that a few selected student get to join this Fashion Week event!!
my day is on a sunday 8th NOV 2009!!
time is 11.30am onwards!!
venue is PAVILION Kuala Lumpur!!
do come and show your support,
and am doing COUTURE gown!!cant wait for u guys to see...!!
pls do take lots of pic!!
i'll give u hint of my when it struts the runway..u know its J by Julian Jansen!!
*got to do with the colour that i like*


Leez said...

I am SO gonna be there!! can't wait to see new JJ creations! :)

Julian Jansen Goh said...

know i can count on YOU!!
come come!!bring as many as u can....the whole CELL!!
support CHEER for me!!!!

jihan halim said...

its black and gold people!!!!!!
good luck and have fun!
im sure u'll do great!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

told them to guess la...
wish u were here!!

c0co said...

wow! young an talented!!! congratz ^-^~*