Thursday, December 24, 2009

Am Thankful

well guys,i guess here is the last post of year 2009..
so sorry,my life has been really so caught up with the daily activities and college stuff that i have to do,left me with no more energy to even wanna think of what to write on my blog..

it's alry Dec,i told myself,how days months just pass by with a blink of an eye,i ask myself,what have i really done or achieved this year,well..below is what i have to say..

a year full of Fashion Shows,either am participating one,or frankly say,am doing what i really love...and i hope am taking the right path as what god had plan for me..AMEN!

Time Square Fashion Show

Melaka Charity Fashion Show

Sungai Wang Fashion Show
ok,back to reality,off to Beijing China in a couple of days...from summer Malaysia to Winter cold Beijing,its alry minus* and i heard this year will be super cold....darm,i hope i can handle it,i alry took my flu-jab a week ago..

guess what,my phone has been so good to me for the pass 2years,i guess phone dont have a long life...i realise the screen started to loose its colour and i thought it was just some error cos it only happens onces in a while..
then like a few weeks later,it totally died....tried to on back but the screen is just turn white and off and on like few seconds..sadly i have to use my sis old phone..but its still Sony walkman phone,thank god cos then i can still hear my music during my trips to college and back..
i do miss my phone!!
but come to thought,now i can ask for a new phone cos am turning 21 in year 2010!!(not really proud turning 21,it seems that age is catching up,i wanna live forever 20!!!!)
well,god does hear my deep down heart desire,
haha....okok,here the story..
wen mariah had her new album out,i told myself,i dont really have the cash to buy her new album....i was just waiting for some1 to buy me 1
then at that time when MC album released in singapore,my sis was also in singapore holidaying with her BF,so told her to buy me and she did,TQ!!
totally fell in love with her new album....
then a few weeks was giving out MIMI album,i didnt intend to sms in to win the cd,but another fren of mine,MIMI fan too,told me to give a try...i did...and i WON a copy of MC cd...another JOYFULL moment!!yeh...
then comes,Zouk Mariah Carey album launch party!!it was so last min decision that i forced myself to go cos i told myself i dont want to miss out MC event!
there was this contest where who pose the best pose with MC poster and win a bottle of her latest fragrance,then when entering into the club,i pose my best pose ever with MC then didnt even think of winning....
while i was inside,partying with friends...suddenly this lady...came up to me and said she was looking for me,and brought me out to the main entrance,she told me i won the MC new fragrance Forever,i was soooo HAPPY fill with pays to be a MC lamb guys!!
one of my happiest night ever!!

the year where my DIVA Jihan left for Paris to futher her say i control my tears of true friendship when we send her off at KLIA,we still miss you dear very much!!
Jovian the designer,we meet at Rootz after party from YODA fashion show night!!
it was a AWESOME night,it was something out of the odinary as u can see,i did dress up for the Fashion Show,and guess wht,i got the Fierce Award from YODA!!am so HAPPY!!some ppl may thinks its too over for a guy,but i think its FASHION!!so SHU***UP**...haha

Fashion Flirt,one of the Fashion Show that we did......well,i think its still AWESOME after so many hard work we've put in..thks Ramesh!

this is one of the highlight!!
i was in KL Fashion Week,another word to called it MiFA,was under my college,only selected few was chosen and i was the first designer to show case my couture gown!!
thk you to every one that came and supported me....HUGS!

with her puppy fromJJ and Cha Cha in Aspen!
her new video,"Angels Cry"
a must listen...!!

well folks..thats all for now

first of all i would like to wish my father in heaven
"Happy Birthday"
with love your child


*sorry guys to any spelling error or grammer mistake,its late night2am,am off to bed now..slppy..ZZzzZZzz*

thanks be to God,

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