Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Library Part2

Gosh i miss you GIRL!!i feel like we've not been seeing each other for so long!

Mariah Carey upcoming prefume called "LUSCIOUS PINK" by Elizabeth Arden!

For her second fragrance, Mariah Carey wants her consumers to think pink.

Luscious Pink, Carey's second scent with Elizabeth Arden, is intended to show fans a more intimate look into her world.

"This scent is feminine, flirtatious and fun, and truly reflects where I am in my life now, after an incredible year," Carey said

Having lunch with D.S.S,-L>H>T>M!!

oh well,here it goes,its been a long time i didnt really seat down and write a proper journal for u guys!cos i've been really bz with loads of assignments...its just crazy week by week assignments keep on coming in!!its just crazy lor.....

my friends said that i look abit chubby'er/fatter,guess eating more then usual here in college does really put on the pounds,though that all those walking ard make me look thinner,but i think it doesnt help....gosh i need to hit the GYM more often...!

studying fashion is not ez.....i have other subjects to study like "Hubungan Etnik=that doesnt relate at all about fashion,IT=so pointless,BM=cos i dont hav credit,English=at list i learn some new words,hm......i think thts all,oh ya,worse of all my fashion lecture is a malay guy,age 30+,doesnt speak english that well,plus on tht we hate is he sometimes.....oh k all the time speak in malay,so he teach us also in malay where we're supposed to study in ENGLISH only!!!!sad rite.....the most look forward subject end up studying it in malay,whts the point.......eish...this wht i get wen i come to this "AFFORDABLE" college!

hostel place where i'm living wen i'm in college is quite not bad,i'm getting used to it,i hav friends that are same course with me,so i think having them ard does help with the loneliness i hav once in a blue moon!and the water to shower is freezing cold,i dont look forward to shower besides on a hot sunny day!

the notebook that been passed down to me from my sister is giving me loads of problems.....after fixing it i agree that its been better,but with the function all not properly fixed,using it gives me pain in the A**!!i need a new
sometimes to just rethink abt going back to study is really putting myself in the stressfull mode agian,i dont hav extra $$ to spent cos i'm not working!my parents only give me RM50/week to last for 6days mon-sat,ya can u believe it,sat i hav freaking class,IT somemore,SHOOT....11-12pm,can my life get worse then this!?!2meals a day,sometimes do u think its enough,my sister of course can la,she is always on diet wht,me....come on,i hav to eat,i'm still growing......this prob sometimes bug me alot.....without giving me enough cash to even eat,its saddening!going to such a affordable college still wanna complain about $$....i wonder y!haha......k i better stop talking crabs here..!

lets talk about my DIVA,its been a long time i didnt talk abt her,MIMI is now bz doing the finishing touch on her latest single "I'LL BE LOVIN' U LONG TIME" from her latest album E=MC2 album,if u guys havnt get a copy of ur own better get it NOW!!cos its better then any other female singer out there!MC rocks....

i guess tht's all for now,take care guys......lots of love,GOD bless


Alexio said...

Wuuuuuuuuu very busy leh? compared to me, yours is just a starting up !

Hahah after that you'll see whats BUSY ! do bear with it, i hope you could cope in worries =)

WTH? Rm50 a week? you must be crazy, thats only last for 2 days for me =.= faints*

hugs* chill ^^

ps: whose D.S.S?

-chein yee- said...

hey honey,

love ya too bits, miss ya too...
stay strong okay... you could do it :) *muaks*


Julian Jansen Goh said...

alexio=haha...i think thts y they called it college life....but its crazy lor with loads of assignments everyweek...i scared i cant catch up only!
yeh....they only give me RM50,thts y how to survive!eat also not enough ah...

D.S.S.tht 1 u hav to ask me wen i'm on msn!!hehe...

My Girl=miss u like crazy....i hope i can do it!haha.......cant wait to hang out with u agian!