Sunday, June 15, 2008

Straight to the Point

Had Dome for lunch"Father's Day"!

wht a nite out with my bunch of friends agian....just miss them to bits...tengah mamak then the view from where i was seating very nice...!

mua art pic....first ever art i did in college!it took me more then 5hrs to finish it....dem tired!

LB & FFB,both new BFF,same course mates!

BBN & MSJ in library...too free so cam hor.

Friends BD....later wen to Pavilian!

some concert tht my fren took part in,for charity!chinese music.....was nice@first,the more we hear the more boring it get!

oh well.....thts all for now i guys....mariah is making her new video "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" and her second frangrance coming out really soon.....!

take care god bless....


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Leez said...

update update update!!!

nah I comment in your blog already lol