Monday, September 8, 2008


Mariah with her Hubby,Nick after party Fashion Rock 2008!the other guy no idea who is he...??

One of the sat nites....had dinner @ the Apartment,it was Leeza and Basil(sis and bro)BD dinner ,together with the church cell group!i dont really like the food there...its price'c and small portion...give 2/10!
i love the candid pic.....sometimes candid do make us look funny but we still look HOT!haha...

this is the posing pic....i guess 2diff looks!she knows she posing with the HOT SEXY DIVA who love MARIAH!!haha...leeze u should b lucky!

Kat Kat Kat.....a german in msia for a long time alry,cos her parents work here!she was in my College for like 2months...then she is back studying her A levels!miss was fun hanging out with her girl!

oh gosh....i hav like tons n tons to say abt this girl!!its amazing knowing this fantastic a fren of mine, J-I-H-A-N!!she lives in Klang,Bukit Badak(i hope i spell that right girl!?!)
she is hell one of my BFF in college,once i was in there...i totally click with her,her friendlyness and her way she talks...just keep on talking n talking nonstop!thts wht i loveeeeee abt her!she is always so positive.....everyday there is for sure laugh n jokes coming from both of us in class!wen i'm down.....she is there for me....wen i'm not feeling good....she'll comfort me!ohh......JIHAN....ur so nice n sweet friend that i have.....i wish we'll last forever!keep on going strong in our friendship girl!!if i've done anything wrong or said anything that hurt u in a way.....I'm SORRY ya!do tell me if i'm wrong in the future,wrong in anyway!! ya miss ya c ya in college!hehe...

see see....look wht Jihan bought me wen she wen to PARIS!!chocolates and a eye shadow!love it love it.......THKS words could express how THKfull i am!

My first u all know,the previous pic of this dress is not 100% finish,now this the finish project!!u guys can go "WOW" at comment ya!hehe..

up close and u can see the beading i added to make it look more glam!

after the dress....i made a Vest for some1 very special and close to me...

the vest is for a person name starting with K(some of u guys know who the person is),lets name the person "K", BD K today....gave K the vest....was happy to see K face look so amazed and very happy K was,esp the K with crystal on it!!
@list all my hard work n effort didnt go to a waste...!i hope u like it very much as i do K!?!
i still miss K very much!

i had to blog earlier cos of Diva Demand from my BFF Jihan!here u go guys


i've been down and up so many times,its hard to tell every detail of my story,many experience i went tru...some i do like keeping it but some are just to hard to erase.

oh well....i've grown to be a better person,learn from my mistake,not to take things to seriously...and let it fall by its own time....

mariah was in this charity song...listen...its good!

take care guys,i'm stronger now....will be updating soon! ;)


Anonymous said...

I love the "K" at the back of the vest...very nice

It's Me said...

thks girl...gosh u often visit my blog is it!haha......

many thks


~Sh3r~ said...

Nice dress!! But it looks really low cut from the pic~~
Haha.. Have fun !! =)

Anonymous said...

ur welcome ;D lol i often visit my friends' blogs and other ppl's blogs 2...i like reading..hehe..keep on making kewl outfits jj!

Julian Jansen Goh said... u girl??its not low cut...i think its just ok!haha.....hav u seen mariah...thts lowww cut!how u girl??add me to ur blog!! comeback for my blog updates ya!!n do continue to it!hehe....dont worry....i'll make more beautifull dresses in the future!wen ur getting married call me!haha....

~Sh3r~ said...

i take ages to reply. *sad*

Haha. Probably not. but maybe to asian standards, it may be. Or has the community grown to be a lil more open minded? hehZ.

Goodness, i think when i do actually manage to get back, i'll have to rethink on what i should be wearing and what i should not be wearing. Here, i can wear anything and no one would even bother harassing you bc its just so normal for people here to bare it all. esp come summer..

Anyways, I'm doing great. And you are already on my link.

How's your course? Enjoying it? How are you doing?

Take care and have fun!