Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life As a Designer


there u go guys....
Mariah Carey latest album cover...

Mariah 3rd perfume
coming out soon..
love the bottle...

Made 2 Love
26th June 2009

awesome concert...

Yam Cha
at Old Town Kopitiam,Cheras

Sexy Fox Mama Birthday
24th June

it was supposed to turn out to be a teddy bear,but then..uhh...
jihan/bugs said its mickey mouse
oh well..
it didn't last for like 5mins...slowly its we just burst it..muahaha..

La Senza for BD girl!

before that
D' tour to
"a pre-dinner thing,just3of us"

Happy BD to "US"!!
woops..correction i mean our friendship!!
*choc Brownies*
to die for...YUMYUM.. :P

mine was "Grill 3 Cheese"

off back to

i love this pic.....

with the "Sexy Fox Lady"
"Happy Birthday Joanne"!!

historical city,here we 5Phalawan come!!

Jonker Walk

muachi....not bad..

bugs busy choosing the right stone necklace for Ravi*so called BF*

with gula melaka(melaka sugar,brown in colour)
they have original and durian flavour..

Dance,shake tht booty ppl!!

Am #1 man!!

Fashion Show
about to begin...
lights-camera-lets GO PPL!!eee lama nyer this girls...

Jihan with her collection,2evening gowns and 3 baju melayu

I have to model for Najib creation,it was Fun anyway..

Hip Hop
The Apartments
*some hip hop event*

one of the partners..

i know u want me
you know i want cha...

Uniquely Singapore
15th June
with relative

my cute little cousin,Clara
she is one hell talkative girl..
very SMART indeed too!

Tim Su,
a very close friend when he was here back in KL,
now he is studying in Singapore...
dem i miss hanging out with u dude...!!
it was Fun catching up with u there...

Japanese Buffat

for cousin Jenn
"Happy Birthday"
still waiting for pictures of the dress that i've made for you!!


Red Roses
wedding at the Hilton PJ
13th June

Hermit Crab
one of the partner died due to the lackless care of my elder sis(its her pet anyway,her BF bought for her)i feel pity for the pet they have(now or near future)
food that is not on time,always changing,sometimes dont even remember feeding them,even washing it....if my sis is "so called Busy/lazy"2days once where else she is supposed to wash it everyday..
she said Hermit Crabs very hard to die,
here is the PROOF!!

then the later story...missing her partner...the other one DIED too just after weeks her partner died...guess they both miss each other alot...

Calvin Klein
thks to my DIVA!!
its my BD gift...
will always rmb u when i wear it..
to MP always..haha..and the fun part is it GLOWS!!
say Cheese...!!
thats my BD cake baked esp for me from my beloved MOM!!
TQ mom for always love me deep down inside even though u dont show it all the time..hehe..
lov SON
oh well..........thts a WRAP!!
hope u guys enjoy my episode of "Life As a Designer"
do comment ya...
lov always JJ


jihan halim said...

we've been busy!
too many picturesss...
ahhh headache !

Julian Jansen Goh said...

yeh...i guess its the longest post with pictures i've poosted..hehe..
thts y the title is called
'life as a designer'
busy busy..