Sunday, September 20, 2009


Memories that will never be forgotten

oh dear,it seems that age is catching up for everyone..
this year,this month,this day, 21.09.1986 that my older sister was born..

am really bad at writing like a long story,so I'll keep it short and sweet ya!

my sister and i have been tru so much in this wonderfull family,being raised in a chinese family is doubt harder,in a sense where we are pushed to study hard,get good results,and grow up being rich..
oh say my sister being a sister",even though we fight,argue,getting crazy over each other for doing stuff that we each do not like..
i can still remember playing princesses" with my sister when i was young,taking our blankets to have like really long skirts fooling around like was HILARIOUS to think of it,but i did had loads of fun back those days...thats what made me to be a FASHION designer...haha

with my sister who always keep negging about my wrong doings/lack of smartness'' sometimes do get on my nerve,but then with her negging and all,it does makes me the person who I am now...a BETTER person!!

there is so much to THK for,
THK YOU for being there always,and do continue being there for me when am down..
THK YOU for always guiding me in making decision
THK YOU for paying my phone bills(i think i over budget this month sorrieee!)
THK YOU for letting me use your car
THK YOU for helping me out with my stuff(everything la)
THK YOU for giving me $ when i need(not all the time also :P)
*the list goes on...*

last but not list THK YOU for being my SISTER!!
THK the lord for that....


i hereby you with a complimentary voucher from J by JULIAN JANSEN
with the choice of ur design(pls attached with the design photo TQ)

with lots of love from your little bro forever.
*who loves MC*


Jolynn said...

thanks bro!!
so sweeetttttttt
i like!!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

ur welcome...