Wednesday, September 23, 2009

its Time again!

what cheers me most is another new MARIAH CAREY album!!
this is what i've been waiting for the pass few months....
its crazy being a fan of mariah,she keeps her fans anticipate for her new album
previous it was early august then end august then lastly its sept 29th 2009!!

cant wait any longer,let the countdown begin...
yeh...already heard snippet of the album songs,
ok...i have to tell you the truth,Mariah is definitely back,
Butterfly and Rainbow era...
you rock baby!!
so guys,
this time MC new album "Memoirs Of Imperfect Angel" is a must BUY for all...the songs are AWESOME!!

her first single off her album,OBSESSED is still on the charts...
MC second single, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS is rocking the charts now...
so watch out guys...!!

future HITS in the album MOIA"(according to me)

Angels Cry
I Want To Know What Love Is
Standing O
almost all la peps
so buy her album..

TC guys....
God Bless..

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