Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time Running Out!

well peps

here goes my emotions where i just want to blab it all out here,
been really crazy weeks that i have lately,from customers order to birthday parties attend to functions to go,to events that i have to show face,to house chores that i was assign to do,to college assignments that i really have to finish up before i leave!well...myb...still deciding..if financial approve successfully..*AMEN*

well Chinese New Year is coming,and its only less then a week from now..
i really have to get my butt moving,to finish up my course assignments,garments to do,exams to take..
i've been posting up this debate on should i go Paris/Bangkok.
of course alot of my friends said Paris is the best choice,but then it's so freaking expensive due to the exchange rate of euro times 5 there,my diva Jihan said i have to be financially stable to at list have a decent meal there...outside i mean,i think have to start learning how to cook simple meals for myself..
well...deep down inside of me screaming wanting to go PARIS!!
come on,it's a FASHION capitol right!?!
on the other hand,
for Bangkok,its much cheaper,its more colourfull in everyway,and fashion design there is not bad at all too.....
i have till around may/june to decide,but then to think of it,I have high chances i'll go to PARIS!!Diva Jihan watch out,cos the DIVO J will be coming to kick your ARS*!

currently starting up my freelance job with my business partner Leeza Foo,she is a hell one stylish girl i can say,some fashion tips i dont even know that can i get it from her!
my name card is done*check*
my fashion blog is almost done*according to leeza,half check*
my customers are growing*am happy*
my work load*not happy,i need assistant*
my social life*well its getting better cos i have $$ to spend for the time being*

my godmom is coming all the way from Germany this Feb 25th,cant wait to see her again..its been ages the last time we meet..

Jamie Chein Yee
!!since u came back we still havn't meet up over a cup of drink...i miss you my old pal!!

i cant think anymore what to pen down guys have to just wait for the next one then..
take care guys
Diva J signing off.............