Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mariah & Nick!?!

Can you believe my diva hide it so well that even her closest frens didnt know abt her wedding!gosh.....

is Nick Cannon plying mariah love just to get promo of himself??to boost up his ego,thats wht some ex-gf of his says!?!but i hope mariah will not be fool by him,hope the best for this two love matter wht,its my MC darling!!we'll support her no matter wht,happy for her....
i wanna see little mariah n nick running ard in the future......!hehe...

look@tht big bling bling......gosh...!

they match......mariah look stuning! sweet of him!

just comparing to the old album n new
"E=MC2 2008"
both made a big released!!happy for mariah.....wish her well.....


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