Saturday, July 5, 2008

LATE 04:28

haha,i cant believe tht i'm still awake @ this time where my whole body is tired like hell...!

oh well,SAT nite as usual,wen out with my frens to listen n shake shake to the groove of the remixes music!!it was weird tht jamie n endrick were not there with us,jamie has transportation prob cos @first i was supposed to pick her up to go together then last min change of plans(dad home)!so cant used the car.......endrick on the other hand is back to his hometown SABAH,for holiday!so sorry ya girl tht i didnt get to fetch u!!

oh ya...i kinda lost my IC,i only realise tht it was not in my wallet wen i was looking for it yesterday nite!!sad......the last time i saw n touch n used my IC was last sat nite too,i only took out cash n IC,wallet didnt bring out!i was sure i had my IC even after the event,guess it must hav drop in my fren car,cross fingers" n hope so!!!!!!help me here lord.....

mariah new single "i'll be lovin' u long time" is out n its spanking new HOT!!mariah look hotter then ever!!like me....cheh...


godbless u guys..

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