Monday, November 3, 2008

To U!

u know who u are,cos u hav read my blog so clearly that everytime i talk to u,u would even know/understand wht i'm saying,that makes me really PROUD and HAPPY to hav U!TQ

everyday everynow and then....if i dont even sms u or talk to u,i feel there is something missing,
i guess since i meet u,everything has change...the new beginning..

but but....
its so hard for me to let go of my pass yet,the hurt and the memories that i had..i hope u understand,just give me time..
myb with ur care and touch,i'll b alright,and see the true light that you see from me!and i hope that every word u said to me is true...u wouldnt know every single word that u speak to me meant alot where no words could describe that feeling i hav towards u!
lets get to know each other more and i cant wait for the next suprises i get from u,its like everyday is a gift from this special some1 and thats U!!

*hugs and kisses*

with lots of LOVE,JJ


jihan said...

definitely not TO ME!

Julian Jansen Goh said...

hm.....future post will b!hehe

-chein yee- said...

*ahem* *ahem*

It's Me said...

haha.....jamie u need cough sweet??

fara soliano said...

no la darling! of coz ur invited!! but only..not grand wedding.. =((