Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wht a Blessed Day!

wht a blessed day that we bump into a Taiwanese singer artist,dont really know whts his name...but i've watch one of his movie,Butterfly Lover(recently was in cinema)good looking fella...shy too..haha

Lucky Jihan too took a pic with him,she's the one who got my butt from the chair too take pic with him,but glad i did,now girls n guys are so jealous of us both!hahahahahaha....we rock JIHAN!!

this is FARA(the girl link to my blog and a fan of mine too),we're having our tea @The Loaf Pavilion
nothing much...everything as usual,college-work-assignments-lots of them-hse work....i'm tired...not been going out,not even to yam cha session with my frens....gosh...i've been missing out alot,sori u guys..
christmas is coming,cant wait for that,and i can start playing mariah christmas songs...yeh!!
oh well,take care guys,godbless


jihan said...

go and found out his name!
takkan we're gonna keep calling him "the butterfly lover dude"!

Tian Hao said...'s Wu Zhun!!!!! where u saw him? LOL

Julian Jansen Goh said...

got it got it!!!!
his name is "WU ZHUN"!!haha...thks Tian Hao!

i saw him infront of pavilion entrance!hehe..

fara soliano said...

hahahaha... it's me!! with the divo!! hahahaha... that dude is kinda hot.. hahaha.. but not my type.. u can have it julian.. =))

Julian Jansen Goh said...

too much info FARA**!!
haha...we look FAB kan hehe...

jihan said...

farah and julian!
*i need to pee*