Saturday, March 22, 2008

2 Weeks

lots happen over the 2weeks peroid
fucking shit happens,guess wht,i wrote the blog down alry,all long and detail!then i just was to recheck everything,but i terpress one of the pics,wen i wen back,everything is GONE!i was like wht the shit happen...........just so fuck up!

anyway anyhow,cos of u guys,i forced myself to rewrite agian....

i left u guys with the last blog dinner with my family@Bangsar rite!oh well,it started just after that day,wen one of my family member big dark secret came out of the closet!i only know abt it after i wen out yam cha(drinks) with my frens,suprise and behold,its true,from that moment on i keep thinking of wht my future holds,how it gonna be,will it change everything!?!i almost go nuts just thinking abt it.but as days gone kinda solve by itself,THK GOD....the TRUST that we had is not slowly rebuilding......we jst hav to start from btm!

anyway,anyhow,here are the pics i've taken in the 2weeks time.....
after work,yam cha session with my old buddies!had fun always with them,just to joke ard freely,being able to say wht we wan is just so fun,poking jokes @ other ppl there on wht they wear/look!hehe......
while we were there,i saw this old man,saw him a few times in Carrefour where i used to work!with his bagpack that is tear.....pants with holes,but he is always look clean...i guess he do wash himself in the public washroom!does he has a home,is he living outside all this mind keep in qustioning abt that!
oh well,we chit chat untill ard like 1am,my body started to show signs of shutting down.....tried drinking coke,but it only last me a few seconds of hipernesss then agian feel slppy!ended up going home.......
piramid now has tourist from Iraq,Singapore,Indonesia,HongKong,China......but mostly are from the middle east,where u see the ladies all dress in black from head to toe,only their eyes are expose,scary jst by looking@ their eyes!i wonder y do they even buy nice shoes and clothes wen they cover all over and to let who see those branded clothes they wear???
oh ya,abt the pic,the boy is totally cuteness..........he is so cute....there is once he tried to ply with the shoe off the table,i said no and touch his cheek,he put the shoe back,he agian took another shoe off the table,i said no,he did this most cute action,he slap himself(softly la),then he put back the shoe!so cute....
i guess he is a lucky kid to b out of his country where bomming and killing happens everyday!

out of the blues i decided to go LQ that nite on the 15th,guess that i was wan to go somewhere i can relax and enjoy for the moment and runway from the probs that my family is going tru!wen there is mainly for the music..the remix'es they was rocking the hse down baby!lov it......oh ya,they even played my FAV Diva,Mis.MC-Touch My Body,wen they played that song i wen CRAZY i tell u,haha....even my frens told me,its ur song,some even sms me while we're in the same room!haha.....they ply other too,like Wind It Up-donno by who but its famous,not bad remix song,its stuck in my head now!they even played Feedback-Janet Jackson,not bad song,hot too,but not as hot as MC.......second to say!
Glad my frens showed up,some decided not to go,but ended up going,we all had fun,i know i had fun!will do it more often.......hehe

one of the days where i'm off to work early,cos my dad has to b in office early,so i was in piramid more then half an hr b4 i start work!decided to hav coffee@ uncle lims!i coffee....the weather was on that i had tht drink,i was just freezing all over,but its worth it,cos after that i wen straight to work,had to clean the shop,so did sweat alittle!
Jenn and i,was in church for Good Friday drama Broken,was not bad,i give 80%!after that we wen mamak......enjoy the best nun in town,with herbs,cheeze and mayo......its totally "delish"..!yummy......
after that we had to drop my sister frens off@kelana jaya LRT station,while we were there,almost gonna drop them off,out of no where,we heard loud break sounds,POOF.......there was this toyota vois came flying hitting back of a bus,the roof of the car was gone,one of the passenger was trown out of the was a traggic accident that happened infront of us!it was scary and we all kinda wen blur@tht moment!
came out TV3 news today that it was African college students.....trying to over take a saga,wen out of control,3died and 1survive in stable condition!
this shows that how fragile our human life can be,so do cherish every moment and time with ur lov ones and b good!

will b getting a desktop soon,yahoo.....@last,i'm paying for it too,so its under my share!gtg now guys,its late,tired too.........c ya soon

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