Saturday, March 1, 2008

MC-Touch My Body Video

mariah@BET then ....
mariah@TRL in NYC,premiering her latest video,"TOUCH MY BODY"!

hey guys,its been a while since mariah had a new video with her new album out April 15th....(cant wait!!)i'll bet it will be a HIT and claim back her crown.....MARIAH CAREY #1!!yeh baby.....keep "touching my Body"

here is the video link to her latest video"TOUCH MY BODY"

its HOT,so u guys hav to listen......!!



Deric said...

I think it's just ok, not as good as her older stuff. But I can't stand the video, the guy so damn nerdy lah.

Julian Jansen Goh said...

its her,its MARIAH!!its suppose to b a nerd chasing after mariah,dreaming away tht he can spent time with her!!HOTHOTHOT......i think its superb funny!!something diff......haha!jj