Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Jokes ard...
At Mc.D's taipan late nite the drum rolls pls..."TA DAH"Daryll been turn into a "GIRL"!!...dem,he has BIGBOOBS!!haha.....he was feeling u guys should know whts it by now!haha...

KLCC shopping spree!
On our way home....was tired and slppy....started to pour heavily wen we reach home.
we had Burger King for lunch,quite expensive(the only thing that got us in the rest was....The HERSHEY's dessert poster....was ok not bad RM3.49 per piece)!anyway,we continue our shopping....feeling kinda depressed after Grace made a "tornado" entrance into GAP(sale) and tried on more then 5clothes,only got 1yellow top!after GAP,we continue our shopping spree,so ended up passing tru Philosphy and "look wht we've got here,its on SALE!"so wen in look tru mostly the "50% off dics tac"found a red t-shirt,body hugging kind,not bad,even Grace said it look COOL on me, i bought it!!At list i got something........haha,now i dont feel so
The last stop was Starbucks...wen to the outdoor Starbucks near DOME but was dem packed and hot,so decided to go the indoor wan,on the 4th floor i think,wen there also didnt get to find any seat,luckily......there was this kind of him(do we still hav that in M'sia,GENTLEMEN??or myb he was just leaving....swt swt....anyway...haha)so got our seat.....Grace ordered her drink first,then it was my turn.....i ordered this Chocolate chip fattening!oh well.....i do exercise nowdays...!

Kim Gary's with 3Buddies
chien yee(pic),me(pic2)and peng seong,....having Kim Gary's in Piramid...on sunday nite!there is always something for us to talk abt,from college,to each other friends,to family,to gossips ard......ets ets ets.....jokes too everytime,just laughing away wen we go for yamcha session! plus on that,if u hav read my previous blog,(abt my dad),me just wanna get out of the hse when he is ard...!dem stressing here wei..

oh well things do change from time to time....

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